What & Why

Aim of Research

viewpoint of blockchain

Concentrated on the Business Value viewpoint of blockchain “not only technology”

Global Use Case Study

We do broad research not limited to a specific region

No intention / Incentives to impress the audience

Will deliver what we found ‘so far’ as objectively as we can. Both Good and Bad about the industry.

answer for blockchain

Hope this can be a starting point for some of you who needs a firm ‘Yes or No’ answer for blockchain in your company.

Where we started & Where we are heading towards

Pain Points from industry

High interest in blockchain, but not sure what needs to be done

→ Fighting against stereotypes & high uncertainties

Blockchain related information/seminar is too focused in technology

→ Too high tech hurdle for business developers

Know very little what others are doing

→ Everyone is fighting their own battle repeating faults and mistakes when it’s better to cooperate

Different levels of understanding within corporations

→ Very limited research / network / access other than individual personal interests

Why it is worth participating

Access to research on extensive deep blockchain business adoption benchmark cases

→ Know what is being done from global peer companies with high quality research reports

Networking with non-crypto players engaging blockchain from different scenes

→ Earn contact points to share pain points and lessons to figure out what to do

Connect to global blockchain experts in different part of value chain

→ Find highly trusted blockchain companies you can partner with to develop your blockchain initiative

We have been building Blockchain Business Adoption
Use Case Research Database

Diverse Industry Area

Expected Business Benefit from Blockchain

Advertisement HR
Agriculture Industry
Banking Information Technology
Biotechnology IT
Chemical Logistics
Commerce + E-commerce Manufacturing
Construction/Commerce Medical / Pharmaceutical
Education NGO
Energy Retail
Entertainment Science, Tech & Engineering
Financial (Investment) Telecommunication
Financial (Non-investment) Transportation
Gaming Travel

Expected Business Benefit from Blockchain

  • IOT(Access Control)
  • Authentication
  • International Remittance
  • Digital Notarization
  • Supply Chain
  • Loyalty Program
  • Asset Ownership Tokenization
  • Investment
  • Uncategorized other beneficial area from using blockchain

Report Configuration

  • Company / Blockchain project profile
  • Industry Trend / Pain Points
  • Limits of existing solution
  • Expected benefit from blockchain adoption
  • Blockchain Adoption process/progress
  • Limits in blockchain adoption

In the News

블록체인 산업은 밀라노 패션쇼와 비슷하다.

- James Kim, CSO, CrossAngle

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