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41+ Representative Non-crypto Companies (Conglomerates / VCs / Leading Sizeable Start-Ups) from Korea registered & attended

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Time Duration Topic Speaker
13:10-13:20 10 Greetings & Overview James
13:20-13:50 30 Blockchain Application & Adoption overview Blocko
13:50-14:00 10 Q&A / Break
14:00-14:30 30 Early Adoption Area of Blockchain Part.1
- Asset Value Digitization
- Access Control
Overnode Labs
14:30-15:00 30 Early Adoption Area of Blockchain Part.2
- International Remittance
- Digital Notarization
15:00-15:10 10 Q&A / Break
15:10-15:40 30 Early Adoption Area of Blockchain Part.3
- Supply Chain / IOT
- Programmable Incentivisation / Cross border business development
Huobi Korea
15:40-16:10 30 Going a bit Deeper: What's happening behind the scenes of Post-ICO market?
- In which part is the market concentrating and what are the main issues? What are the missing pieces?
Cross Angle
16:10-16:20 10 Q&A / Break
16:20-16:50 30 What's between the chain and services?
- Getting to know more about what is required to connect blockchain to web
Haechi Labs
16:50-17:10 20 Drawing the line: what's safe and not Sejong Law Firm
Blockchain Lawyer
17:10-17:20 10 Q&A
17:20-17:30 10 Wrap-up James
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