Private corporate structured in Singapore. Aim to bring investworthy projects with investable tools. Focused on 1) Disclosure of crypto-financed projects & corporates 2) Well curated governance service between investors - projects. Formed of ex-founder/executive of successfully funded/launched ICO project from Singapore & ex-MD of a large VC in Korea.

Bitscale Capital is a private investment firm structured in Switzerland with operations based in Moscow. Portfolio includes 40 blockchain projects (both tokens and equity). Mostly focused on infrastructure projects and platforms bringing new solutions and efficiency in fields like: Scalability, energy, security, real estate, identity & etc. Also holdings company is a well trusted family in Russia who owns business in production, vending, e-sports, restaurant businesses & also with vast experience and track on Fin-tech investments in various stage companies.

Hiraku VC is a private early stage fund focused on blockchain and crypto currencies. Since the beginning of 2017 the fund invested in a number of emerging teams around the world and has advised and supported several projects. With a strong focus on on founders and ethics Hiraku VC prides itself to bring benefit to the world through its activities. Stefano, the founder is also co-founder of Miss Bitcoin Band a PR and consulting firm with a deep network in Japan as well as globally. Stefano experience has always been between tech and investments as he managed his family office full time for the past 4 years. Among the most notable achievements, he managed funds in a multitude of asset classes including investing in interesting PE opportunities in Italy and built a web app to automate processes for a non-profit with his software development experience.

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We are community members, engaged in different segments within the blockchain industry, sharing and bringing different approaches and insights. Staying true to our vision, we will put Blockchain Research first as real progress comes from the scene not a single lab.

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